George F. Walker and Dani Romain

Donny and Max wonder whether Giles’ murder was a message for Carlos. Max tells Lucie that she could be in danger too. Lucie and her daughter Jamie find a place to hide, and Lucie tells Carlos to pull out any way he can.

Carlos looks to get revenge on the person who killed his brother. He sends Hermie and Phillipe to Trey Barnes, the deranged gun dealer, to stock up on weaponry. Carlos confronts both Andre and Eddie about Giles’ death, but they each deny being involved.

Andre corners Michelle, looking for Terrance. He runs into Donny at the police station where he plans to file a missing persons report.

Fearing the brewing war, Hermie and Phillipe flee the city, and arrive in a small town. They realize they have no money and must get jobs.

Written by: George F. Walker and Dani Romain

Donny gets a visit from his sponsor Margie and, after fighting for a while, they go at it in his motel room.

Carol secretly sells a bunch of Hermie and Phillipe’s weed to Steamboat Jeffries, with no intention of giving them a cut. Steamboat has no idea that he’s buying back his own weed. Flush with cash, Carol looks to flee again.

Karen finds Chantal living with a rich friend; lost and angry, Chantal isn’t ready to come home.

Pam uses Colin’s money to rent an apartment; and wanting to start fresh she asks Emma to move back in with her. Emma agrees.

Max looks to use Carlos’s drug auction to his advantage. He visits Andre and convinces him to make an offer on the drugs. Then Donny visits Walter and asks him to get in on the bidding. Walter is livid about being asked to buy back his own drugs.

Sal convinces Eddie to murder Lillian.